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Company:Hawkins Wellington

Project:Wellington Airport Terminal Extension, Wellington

Role:Project Director

The Wellington International Airport Terminal Extension Project encompassed 6,000m2 of combined new build and refurbishment at the southern end of Wellington Airport’s Main Terminal Building. The project also involved the reconfiguration of the Airport’s southern apron.

Working within a live airport environment both internally (passengers, retail tenants, security, and airline/airport staff) and externally (plane movements and operations on the apron) created multiple constraints around access, security, noise and other unique airline requirements. Andrew was instrumental in identifying all procedures. He and his team developed and put in place a construction planning/methodology, which included the establishment and maintenance of clear communications protocols between all stakeholders operating within the property.

The requirement to work on a live airport apron, meant that workers were placed within 20 metres of moving aircraft. Worker safety was of paramount importance. To reflect this emphasis, Hawkins and Wellington Airport jointly launched the Safety Wingman Campaign at the outset of the project.

Due to the extreme operating environment, it was necessary to undertake a significant amount of high-risk works out of peak hours. This resulted in nightshifts with up to 70 workers being consistently run across a 22-month period.

By constantly utilising the resources and knowledge of the entire team, Andrew was able to deliver a high-quality product within an agreed budget and programme.